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The training focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology. ABA is an effective and popular treatment for children with special needs around the world. The practice of ABA is regulated by IBAO who provides the IBT certifications for practitioners around the world. The Tree House International is the only institution in Sri Lanka to be approved to provide behaviour therapy training by the International Behaviour Analyst Organisation. This training meets the criteria for application for International Behaviour Therapist (IBT), subject to other requirements. The training will be conducted by Dr Anton James. He is a Chartered Behavioural Psychologist (Ireland), a Charted Psychologist (UK), Licensed Psychologist (Maldives), Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), International Behaviour Analyst (IBA). He is the recipient of the highest honour from the British Psychological Society. He currently serves a as a member of the Professional Advisory Board and a Subject Matter Expert in ABA for the International Behaviour Analyst Organisation.

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