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The Tree House International is the first school of its kind in Sri Lanka, dedicated to children with special needs operated by Dr. Anton James. Dr. James is a Chartered Psychologist (UK), Board Certified Behavior Analyst (USA), International Behavior Analyst (IBA) and a Chartered  Psychologist (Ireland).

The Tree House International's hybrid teaching methods are based on the latest scientific research, implementing the best of both British and American pedagogy. 

The pedagogy incorporates various evidence-based approaches based on  each individual child's needs. 

Every aspect of a child's development will be assessed, ranging from emotional regulation to academics to the extent of picky eating.  For example, if the child is found to have an Auditory Processing Disorder, that child will be taught in a soundproof environment using multiple evidence-based applications, materials, techniques and tools. Subsequently, they will be systematically transferred to a less soundproof environment.

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