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Unsolicited Testimonials


Cavitha Sabesan London - UK

Dear Dr. Anton, When I was desperately seeking help for my son who is autistic with severe food aversion, and almost lost all hope I heard about Dr Anton. He gave us hope and courage to work towards our goal. I joined his RBT program as a part of continuously helping my son and it gave me a chance to gain wide knowledge and meet with other parents and professionals.

With his wide range of knowledge and experience, Dr Anton sees each difficulty of a child in depth and tries to figure out the cause and suggests interventions. He understands children very well and knows the appropriate interventions which works very well for them. He also understands parent’s views and problems and is always there to support them. He is my son’s Psychologist and he is specialised in sensory integration and speech as well. His thoughts and willingness to lend a helping hand towards special need children and their families are incredible and much appreciated by all especially by the Sri Lankan community living in the UK.

Thank you very much Dr Anton for your continuous support.

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