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Unsolicited Testimonials


Kasuni & Rajeewa - UK

Dear Dr.Anton James,

Sorry it took a while to write to you as we back in UK and took few days to settle.

First of all We would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the given support through out Yonal’s learning journey.

From the time when we inquired about the  Tree house school from UK we got all information up to your appointment . After starting school we saw a massive change on Yonal. He is not the boy he was. Now we see a clear difference of him.He loved to go to school.He loved his swimming session. We took him to outside swimming places and we saw he has gain lot of confidant in that.

Mainly I would like to thank CJ,Nichola,Shan they are a great assets to Tree house . Its so nice how Nichola & Shan welcome Yonal in morning and how they have trained . Now Yonal gives lot of eye contact,can understand simple instructions,saying little words and phrases. We are so thrilled to see few vedio clips .We have never seen Yonal doing that much. He does lot of actions and when I ask to point  body parts he can do that too.Recently I heard that he was singing “Dashing through thesnow”  I think he has heard it while he was in school may be when they practising.He respond to his name too. He can engage in one activity for more than five mins.We noticed when he came to UK home he went to his toy room and played with toys, taking different toys and try to play which we never seen it before.

Main thing is he retained  in classroom whole hours . He never came early from school . Only one day CJ called that’s because he was with real tears CJ has thought that he is on physical pain. After she talking to me she has settled Yonal as it’s a behavioural issue. Its really impressive the  way she dealing with his behavioural issues.

We are very thankful for the CJ for the report and we will share it with his school when he is back to school in January. February he will have his EHCP review.And school senco has sent us email mentioning that she will contact CJ to know more about Yonal.Meantime from council trying to get a special school placement

Dr.James thank you so much for diagnose his level as we never aware of it and putting him to the right track with the best therapies. He had a quality learning time at Tree house . We think this is the best place Yonal went also which identified Yonal’s real special need. We have recommended Tree house to some of parents whome I met at Yonal’s Ayurvedic medical center, We  wish  all the success to Tree House School and the staff. We love the school.

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