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You want to be a volunteer at MERAK'23?

For more information and registration to volunteer

Is one of your loved ones on the autism spectrum? 

Do you know a child with special needs? 

We are ready to celebrate them, and make their day as special and adventurous as the way they are! ✨✨✨

Join us on,

🗓️ 2nd of April, 2023 

⏰ 3 PM 

📍 Mt. Lavinia Beach 

We will be hosting an event full of fun activities for children with special needs, beach cleaning and raising awareness on autism. 🤩🥳

Fill out the google form to get your child registered, as soon possible, since we have only limited slots available.

Gear up for something escalating!

The Team Tree House International is on the horizon for the most exciting venture!

Anticipate for the best!!! … ✨✨✨

Lock Your Calendar ✨

2nd of April, 2023 - MERAK is on your way!!! 🥳🥳

A journey of… 

M arvelous 

E xciting 

R ocking 

A stounding

K nowledgeable…. adventure!!! ✨✨✨

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