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Expectations & Requirements

As the minimum requirement, we expect you to have a BSc Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences (specialising in Speech & Language Therapy).

You are competent in working with clients with a speech sound disorder, language disorder, CAS.

Preferably experience in working with children with special needs.

Good knowledge of the English language. 

Team player, truthful and honest, creative.

Able to work collaboratively with other professionals.


What do we offer you?

We offer you an exciting and interesting job in Sri Lanka's first International School for children with special needs.   Our school is using a wide range of evidence-based therapies. You will have the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of Dr James and you will be given the opportunity to learn and/or expand your knowledge on performing comprehensive speech assessments including posterior Ankyloglossia, as well as how to apply Sensory Integration in speech, performing ARFID Assessments and interventions, Orofacial Myology Therapy, the Hannen approach to speech and more. Also, you will be learning more about how to apply ABA in Speech Therapy sessions.

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