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Unsolicited Testimonials

Cavitha Sabesan

London - UK

Dear Dr. Anton, When I was desperately seeking help for my son who is autistic with severe food aversion, and almost lost all hope I heard about Dr Anton. He gave us hope and courage to work towards our goal. I joined his RBT program as a part of continuously helping my son and it gave me a chance to gain wide knowledge and meet with other parents and professionals.

With his wide range of knowledge and experience, Dr Anton sees each difficulty of a child in depth and tries to figure out the cause and suggests interventions. He understands children very well and knows the appropriate interventions which works very well for them. He also understands parent’s views and problems and is always there to support them. He is my son’s Psychologist and he is specialised in sensory integration and speech as well. His thoughts and willingness to lend a helping hand towards special need children and their families are incredible and much appreciated by all especially by the Sri Lankan community living in the UK.

Thank you very much Dr Anton for your continuous support.



Hello everyone,

My name is Adriana and I am a spanish psychologist and RBT that had the honor of doing an internship at the Tree House International in Sri Lanka. I have been working with ond child all my journey under the supervision of Dr. Anton James, the BCBA and director of the school. I am very grateful for the experience and the hospitality of all the school members, I would really like to see a school like that in my own country and I am definetely inspired by the progresive development that has taken place during the short history of the center. If you are reading this and you are a parent, you will be even more greatful than I am for the evidenced progress.  If you are a special needs kid you will really improve and if you are a profesional you will feel self-fulfilled by the impact of your job. It was a great internship. 

Thank you Tree House International.

Kathiravelu Girisanthan
London - UK

Hi Dr Anton, it’s a great delight that we met you in our life as you are the one who opened our eyes and advise how we could support and overcome my son’s issues. You came to our home from far away to assess our son and you gave lots of recommendations and advice and that shows how much care you have taken towards my son’s future. Every time I call, you give advice and recommend certain activities to try. You have given us hope and positive thoughts that if we work with our son regularly then we could see the changes over the period of time and I could really see that this is happing now.  

It’s very hard to see this kind of down to earth person now a days and you deserve it. We always feel that you are one of our family members and always there to support us. 

Further, you also provide seminar for parents on regular basis and all of us are getting benefit from that and your presentation / seminar empowered us as parents to handle our child in the right direction. Thank you so much! You are an amazing Doctor!

Sam Saminathan

London - UK

Dear Dr. Anton,

You came to our home to assess our daughter and gave the report. You introduced so many new terms regarding my daughters condition. I joined your RBT classes and it was very informative. You built hope within me and gave me confidence that I could do something with my daughter in the future. Dr. James, you are a path giver for the special need children. After the training for the RBT I am confident that I can train my daughter in her daily living. RBT through Dr James is not only the course, but also the new future for the unprivileged. 

We, our family and friends, thank you Dr James from the bottom of our hearts. Yes, like for me, your support will relieve the pain for many families who are deserted with their loved ones with special needs. 

Our family wish you all the success to your new project and yet more to come for the future. Once again thank you and God bless you and your family. Thank you Dr James. 



Dear Dr Anton, 

After spending the months doing an internship under your guidance, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for accepting me as your apprentice, thank you for showing me the secrets of psychology and also thank you for helping me to continue falling in love with our profession. It is amazing how you connect with the kids and your ability to understand their thinking, I am sure that this is one of the keys to the success of the school and from now on, it is one of my goals in my future career. I hope that this beautiful project that has brought you back to your homeland will continue to progress as positively as it has so far. All the best to you and the children at the school. I look forward to seeing you again.

Lois (Psychologist) 

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