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The School

The Tree House International is the first school of its kind in Sri Lanka for children with special needs, utilising the most effective and scientifically proven tools to teach new skills and eliminate unwanted behaviours among children with special needs.

Every child matters at The Tree House International. Each child has an individualised curriculum tailored to the child’s needs. The school is directed by Dr. Anton James, who is a Chartered Psychologist (UK) and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® (USA). The Tree House International's hybrid teaching methods are based on the latest scientific research, implementing the best of both British and American pedagogy. The teachers in the school will have an American qualification of RBT® awarded by the BACB®. 


The school will be operational from January 2022.

RBT® Programme

The Tree House International trains and equips individuals seeking an American qualification known as ‘Registered Behaviour Technician’ (RBT®).

RBT® is a paraprofessional responsible for the direct implementation of behaviour-analytic services. RBT® usually work for children with developmental disorders, organisational behaviour management, child welfare, brain injury rehab, behavioural gerontology and other related fields. When interacting with children with special needs, the RBT® is responsible for teaching the curricula and taking data on the progress.

The Next RBT® Programme will be conducted in July 2022.

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